Chatham Roberdeau Wheat

Ex-CSA Major, former Filibuster, adventurer and chevalier d'industrie.


“Bob” Wheat wa a big man, standing 6’4" and weighing at least 240 pounds. He was extremely charismatic, with a rich, booming voice, and was considered by his friends to be a clever and brave man. Despite his bulk, he was known as a bit of a lady’s man, with an enviable reputation as a carouser and a soldier, gained in two major wars and two filibustering expeditions.


Chatham Roberdeau Wheat was many things in his day: a US Volunteer in the Mexican War; a lawyer in New Orleans; a filibuster in Mexico and Cuba; an arms dealer; a mercenary in the War of Italian Independence; and the commander of the “Louisiana Tigers”, the 1st Special Battalion, Louisiana Volunteer Infantry, which served at Bull Run and under Stonewall Jackson in the Valley Campaign of 1862 and in the Peninsula Campaign against McClellan, where Wheat was severely injured. He spent the rest of the war recuperating. He was in Abilene to visit his wartime friend and taciturn polar opposite, Kelley Maddux, when he murdered a Pinkerton agent who accompanied him and attempted to conceal the crime. He was shot and killed by the desk clerk of The Brookville Hotel while attempting to beat Lin Ming to death.

Chatham Roberdeau Wheat

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