Elroy Randolph

Virginia Gentleman Adventurer


ST 13 (30)
IQ 12 (20)
DX 12 (20)
HT 11 (10)

Status +3 (15)
Attractive (5)
Alcohol Tolerance (5)
Combat Reflexes (15)

Intolerance (-10)
Overconfidence (-10)
Youth (-2)

Carousing-12 (4)
Gambling-10 (.5)
Savoir-Faire (Plantation Aristocracy)-14 (0)
Administration (Plantation)-10 (.5)
Acting-10 (.5)
Law-10 (1)
Fast-Talk-12 (2)
Diplomacy-10 (1)
Tracking-10 (.5)
Survival (Woodlands)-10 (.5)
Survival (Desert)-10 (.5)
Orienteering-10 (.5)
Riding (Horse)-13 (4)
French-12 (2)
Ancient Greek-10 (.5)
Latin-11 (1)
History-11 (2)
Literature-11 (2)
Mathematics-9 (.5)
Naturalist-9 (.5)
Philosophy-10 (1)
Theology-10 (1)
Whip-10 (.5)
Dancing-11 (1)
Musical Instrument: Pianoforte-9 (.5)
Brawling-14 (4)
Boxing-13 (4)
Fast-Draw: Knife-13 (1)
Knife-15 (8)
Knife Throwing-12 (1)
Fencing-12 (2)
Slipping the Hammer-11 (.5) (a technique for rapidly firing a single-action revolver)
Speed-load-11 (.5) (specifics will depend on what kind of revolver he has)
Guns/Pistol-14 (1)
Guns/Rifle-14 (1)
Guns/Shotgun-14 (1)


Elroy was too young to join the cavalry in 1862, but he watched his brothers go off to war and come back broken or not at all. That they had turned coward on the battlefield didn’t much stain the family honor, as folks mostly agreed that Yankee walkers belching coal smoke and cannonade were just unfair. The war broke his father’s fortune, though they kept a small part of the Virginia tobacco plantation that had been in the family since before the Revolution.

Elroy went to Yale and studied the classics but wasn’t much impressed by them. He came to the frontier to make his fortune as a gentleman adventurer. His arms of choice were a Winchester repeater and a Bowie knife; the sword and pistol (and fair play) were reserved for acknowledged social equals, of which there weren’t many—-certainly not the President!

Elroy reads Latin and Greek, speaks French (and is a proper Francophile), rides horseback effortlessly and can grapple as well as that upstart Lincoln, may he burn in hell. His stated motivation is to find fame and fortune enough to re-establish the family dynasty back home, but his true movers are nihilism and fear of ignominy and inconsequence.

Elroy Randolph

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