Lin Ming

Female Chinese Gunslinger


Name – Lin Ming
Age- 25

Lin Ming was born in China. She had two older sisters and an older brother in addition to her younger sister. Her father was a mechanic, specializing in steam boats/trains and taught her all he knew due to her insatiable curiosity. It was during the Tai Ping Rebellion that her brother, Wei was caught up in the wave of hostility against the Chinese government. He joined the Heavenly army. The rest of her family simply tried to stay out of the way, hoping the fighting would end quickly and Wei would come home. She still has had no sign of Wei.

While on an errand in an nearby village for her Father to pick up parts for his current project, tragedy struck. The Chinese government’s Victorious army trampled through her community. Everything was destroyed. Her friends and loved ones were now gone. Homes had been burned to the ground. All but her missing brother, had been ferociously slaughtered at the hands of these barbarians. Realizing her vulnerability she sought to learn how to defend herself. Joining the Heavenly army she had little cared about previously, Lin sought the training she now craved. She also desired to end this war that had brought so much heartache to her life.

At this point Lin became a trained soldier. She scavenged the battlefields when the fighting had ended to find western style pistols. Admiring the superiority she gladly took them for her own. During those moments of rest between battles, Lin took great pride in disassembling ammunition for her standard issued rifle. She would then reassembling the cartridges to be used in these beloved pistols. She soon gained a reputation for not only being a fantastic shot, but also for being incredibly intelligent to have figured out how to use these weapons. Once she had this procedure down to a science she started working on her “draw”. Lin Ming is of small stature. She sees this as a disadvantage and believed the ability to draw those pistols quickly as a way to even the odds, plus she just enjoys a challenge.

Eventually it became clear to Lin that the Heavenly army was simply not going to win this war. Instead of staying true to this cause that she only half heartedly cared about, she decided to get a new start in America. Her uncle Shen Zei had moved to the new country a few years before and had previously offered to host any of her family that chose to come. She had never really taken this offer as seriously as she did now. This seemed like the way out of so much sorrow.

Taking a steam boat to California she was able to meet up with Shen in San Francisco. Shen was a healer by trade and was often moving around. Lin was stunned by the hostilities against the Chinese that she encountered as they left Chinatown. Now more than ever she was grateful for her skill with guns and worked hard to improve her speed. Seeing so many around her who were so fast she realized she had some serious competition. Once outside the safety of fellow Chinese it was a cruel world for her kind. She had fancied herself good with guns before. Lin now feared they might become the only way she was going to survive.

Shen Zei usually took her with him when he was assisting someone. Her attention to detail and love of knowledge helped her to gain an understanding of Chinese medicines. They continued to move along as they desired. Shen was very skilled. Despite the best skills there are times when someone can not be saved. Shen was unable to help a particular woman, named Charlotte, who had a very serious fever. It was so rapid and so high that there was little he could do. Charlotte’s husband was not pleased. She had meant the world to him and now his world was over. So Cooper Davis decided Shen’s world was going to end too. Cooper asked Shen to step outside to talk. Then he shot that peaceful little healer. Before Lin could get out to see what had happened the murderer was on a horse on his way out of town.

Lin has made that her mission, to find that man and settle the score. She has collected some information saying Davis has passed through Abilene and she has come to find him.

Lin Ming is still dealing with English being her second language. Her skill with her pistols has given her great ease of mind and she was quite excited when she was able to purchase real ammunition for her firearms in the US. She misses the frequency of rice and is not a fan of the beans that seem so prevalent in America..

Lin Ming

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