Maksimillian Ivanych Baryatinsky

A former Narodnik, turned gun-for-hire.


A stocky, handsome man of average height, Maksim spoke English with hints of both British and Texan influences, and only the barest smattering of his native Russian accent. He seemed a cheerful, gregarious sort, and made friends easily; he held court in “The Alamo” saloon, the largest and most impressive of Abilene’s twenty-five or so saloons. A quick wit and a ready supply of stories from his travels throughout Europe and the United States meant that he almost always found an interested audience. He was killed in the Alamo Saloon by Clarence Walsh, after being wounded by Elroy Randolph.


According to Maksim, he was born into Russian nobility, but his involvement with political organizations at home eventuated his betrayal at the hands of his supposed cohorts. He fled Russia and traveled the world, eventually coming to America to try his hand at life in the only country as big as his homeland.

Nobody knows what’s brought Maksim into town, and the friendly Russian deflects inquiries. He carries two French-made pinfire pistols on his belt in ornate “Kansas loop” holsters, though he’s never shown any inclination to use them. Town gossip has it that he’s a hired gun, and indeed, player characters who circulate in gunfighting circles recognize him as a gunfighter of established skill and swiftness; it’s said that he killed two hands from the Bar-K outfit in a gunfight down in Caldwell, Kansas, before either of them had cleared leather.

Maksimillian Ivanych Baryatinsky

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