The Kinnock Gang

Neal Kinnock, Ed Kinnock, and Big Jim Callahan


Left to right: Neal, Ed, and Big Jim. Desperado types, all in their twenties.


The Kinnock brothers served as hired guns for the railroads up in Utah in the earlier part of the decade, before heading down to Abilene to contract for cattle concerns. Rumor had it that in between, they undertook to hunt Indians in parts west.

They liked to get liquored up and raise hell, and no sheriff liked to see them or their riding partner Big Jim Callahan in town.

They met their collective ends in the Great Abilene Livery Shootout (“Four men in three seconds”) on Monday, June 8, 1868. Ed was killed by Lin Ming with a single shot to the head; Neal was killed by Bob Wheat with a blast from an 8-gauge shotgun at ten yards; and “Big Jim” was shot three times by Lin Ming and Elroy Randolph before being stabbed to death by Randolph.

The Kinnock Gang

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