Tom Shandy

A ne'er-do-well


A middle-aged man with thick whiskers, Tom Shandy stood about six feet tall and was thickly built. He wore a Colt Dragoon horse pistol, and was known to carry a Spang & Wallace 12-gauge double-barrel.


Tom Shandy was a hired man; he got his start at eighteen as a Regulator back in Illinois in the Regulator-Banditti War of ‘41. From there he drifted, hunting Indians in Minnesota during the Uprising of 1862, then surfaced after the war working for the railroads and cattle companies as a troubleshooter of the most literal kind. While he was hardly a welcome sight around town, he was never caught breaking the law. He’d killed at least ten men in self-defense.

Shandy was killed with a single shot to the head at 700 yards by Shane Dunning.

Tom Shandy

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